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Citation Style Guide

ALL QUOTATIONS must be enclosed in single quotation marks and accompanied by a CITATION that includes the PAGE (NUMBER) on which they appear.


Mary Kaldor, New and Old Wars: Organized Violence in a Global Era (London, Polity Press, 1999).

Sergio Romano, Cinquant'anni di storia mondiale: La pace e le guerre da Jalta al terzo dopoguerra (Fifty years of world history: Peace and wars from Yalta to the the third post-war period) (Milan, TEA, 1995).

David P. Barash (ed.), Approaches to Peace: A Reader in Peace Studies (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2000).

Book Chapters

Susan Woodward, 'Economic priorities for successful peace implementation' in Stephen John Sredman, Donald Rothchild, and Elizabeth M. Sousens (eds.), Ending Civil Wars: The Implementation of Peace Agreements (Boulder, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2002).

Journal Articles

Neil Cooper, 'State collapse as business: The role of conflict trade and the emerging control agenda', Development and Change, 33:5 (2002), 938–41.


Karen Ballentine and Heiko Nitzschke, 'The political economy of civil war and conflict transformation', Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict Management, 2005, p. 2,

Anna Kajamulo Tibaijuka, 'Report of the fact-finding mission to Zimbabwe to assess the scope and impact of Operation Murambatsvina by the UN special envoy on humanitarian settlement issues in Zimbabwe', United Nations, July 2005,

Papers and Presentations

J. D. Rogers, 'Challenges to post-war economic construction: A case study of Sierra Leone', paper presented at Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone, 19 January 2006.

Interviews and Personal Communications

Interview with Patrick Endebe, director, Community Action Forum, Lusaka, 13 June 2009.

Patrick Endebe, director, Community Action Forum, interview, Lusaka, 13 June 2009.

Patrick Endebe, director, Community Action Forum, e-mail correspondence, Lusaka, 13 June 2009.